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You and your employees need to be as productive as you can to make it in today’s competitive market. To become productive, people need knowledge and skill. In the past gaining knowledge was limited to reading a book or going to a class. Skill was gained through practice. Both took lots of time and included examples and exercises that had nothing to do with your business.

What if there were a better way? What if the instructor was a skilled mentor who first learned about your business and then created written lessons and exercises that applied directly to your business? What if the courseware was a searchable PDF file? What if the teaching was recorded for later review? And what if, after the instruction, the mentor periodically met with your people and followed up on their progress? Would that make a difference?

TechMentors helps businesses make a difference. To make your team knowledgeable, skilled, and productive we use the generic courses listed below to create custom curriculum that will meet your needs. It can include your real-world examples, one-on-one or group training via Zoom, customized practice exercises, and follow up.


Prices below are for generic courses delivered over the internet

  • $75 per half-hour for a one-on-one
  • $195 per student for a 4-hour course (minimum of 4 students)
  • $295 per student for a 6-hour course (minimum of 4 students)
  • $595 per student for a 12-hour course (minimum of 4 students)

Contact us about customizing the curriculum and/or location to meet your needs.

Excel Essentials

This is a 6-hour class

Ideal for individuals who are brand new to spreadsheets

  • Create worksheets
  • Cells and ranges
  • Data tables
  • Simple formulas
  • Simple functions
  • Charts

Full course outline

Excel Review and Quick Reference

This is a 6-hour class

Ideal for individuals who are brand new to spreadsheets

  • Navigation tips
  • Manipulate data
  • Printing
  • Basic Pivot Tables
  • Basic formulas and functions

Full course outline

Excel Formulas and Functions

This is a 6-hour class

A full course just on doing simple to advanced calculations in Excel.

  • Review basic formulas
  • Named ranges
  • Summary, Math, Lookup, Text, Date, If…Then, and more
  • Combine functions for complex calculations

Full course outline

Excel PivotTables

This is a 6-hour class

Covers basic through advanced features of PivotTable reports and charts

  • Basic Pivot Tables
  • Pivot Table Tricks
  • Sorting and grouping
  • Filtering and slicers
  • Style and layout options
  • Calculated fields and items

Full course outline

Excel Macros and VBA

This is a 12-hour class

Learn to automate Excel with Macros and the VBA programming language

  • VBA terms and syntax
  • Create and record macros
  • Variable and constants
  • Interacting with users
  • Decision structures
  • Loops

Full course outline

Excel VBA Forms

This is a 6-hour class

Learn to enhance your macros with user-friendly fill-in-the blank VBA forms

  • Create forms
  • Add labels, text boxes, images, drop downs, buttons, check boxes, and mroe
  • Program the form
  • Update sheet with form data

Access Overview

This is a 6-hour class

Overview course ideal for those who need to understand and use an existing Access database.

  • Parts of an Access Database
  • Front- and back-end files
  • View, enter and delete data
  • Find and sort data
  • Run reports
  • Create simple queries

Access Introduction

This is a 6-hour class

Provides an introduction to building Access databases.

  • Parts of an Access Database
  • Using Views
  • Fields, Records and Tables
  • Basic Table Relationships
  • Create Queries
  • Create Forms
  • Create Reports

Access Queries

This is a 6-hour class

Learn to create simple and advanced queries to extract database data

  • Review Query Basics
  • Query Calculations
  • Multi-table Queries
  • Sorting and Filtering Data
  • Interactive Queries
  • Exporting Queries to Excel

Access Action Queries

This is a 6-hour class

Learn to create action queries and advanced select queries.

  • Update Queries
  • Append Queries
  • Make-table Queries
  • Delete Queries
  • Cross-tab Queries
  • SQL Queries
  • Union Queries

Access Forms and Reports

This is a 6-hour class

Learn to develop and modify forms and reports

  • Edit existing forms and reports
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Properties, anchors and layouts
  • Headers and Footers
  • Drop-downs list boxes, buttons and images

Access Advanced Forms and Reports

This is a 6-hour class

Create advanced forms and reports in Microsoft Access.

  • Option Groups
  • Toggle buttons
  • Sub-forms and sub-reports
  • Tabs for multiple layers
  • Dialog boxes
  • Linked forms
  • Dynamic reports

Access Macros

This is a 6-hour class

Lean to automate your database with Access macros.

  • What is a macro?
  • Create a general purpose macro
  • Create an embedded macro
  • Make macros interactive
  • AutoKey macros
  • AutoExec macros

Access VBA

This is a 12-hour class.

Learn to automate your Access database with the Visual Basic for Applications programming language.

  • Modules vs Macros
  • Converting macros into modules
  • Learn the VBA language
  • (Objects, Properties, Methods, and Arguments)
  • Event driven programming

Access Special Topics

This is usually a 6-hour course

A custom course where you pick one or more special topics. Here are some examples:

  • Create a menu
  • Add user security and password protection
  • Email from Access
  • Interface with Excel, Word or PowerPoint
  • Any additional topic of your choosing.