Fixing Access Error 3048 – Cannot open any more databases

by | Feb 10, 2022 | Databases

The problem

A client emailed me recently – something terrible was going on with their database. Soon after they opened the database they got an error message “Cannot open any more databaseserror #3048.  You can read more about it on this Microsoft Web Page.

The solution

After some research we found that a bug had been introduced in the December release of Microsoft Access 365. The solution was to rollback the application to the previous update. Then today I discovered that Microsoft had released a new update that fixes the problem.  So, thankfully, instead of rolling back to a previous release, you can just update to the next release.

Applying the solution

The instructions and video above show you how to update your copy of Microsoft Access 365 so you can avoid the dreaded error # 3048 “Cannot open any more databases”.

  1. Open Microsoft Access, but do NOT open any database.
  2. If necessary, click File, then click Account.
  3. Below About Access, notice the Version and Build numbers.

    Check Access Version #

    Check Access Version #

  4. Click the Update Options down arrow, then click Update Now.

    Click Update now

    Click Update now

  5. Follow the prompts and allow Microsoft Office to download the latest update.
    Then when prompted, close Access, Excel, Word, Outlook and any other Microsoft 365 application. Then click the button to allow the updates to install.
  6. Wait while the updates are installed.
    Then when prompted, restart Access but do NOT open any database.
  7. Again, click Account and below About Access, notice the Version and Build Numbers.
    The numbers should be later than the ones you saw in step 3.