Student Learning Preferences

by | Jun 4, 2020 | Teaching

Have you ever had the pleasure of trying to stay awake while the professor delivers another boring lecture? Or, have you suffered through a frustrating exercise where the instructions do not match the display on your screen? Have you ever wished that Mr. Spock would just come teach you what you need to know by performing a Vulcan Mind Meld? The fact of the matter is, learning experiences are too often not easy, and not fun.

It does not have to be that way. Chances are you have had a professor who gave an exciting presentation because he/she knew how to engage with the students and make it relevant. Hopefully, you have also had the delight that comes from working through an exercise that is fun, makes sense, and will give you the knowledge that will be a game changer in your daily work. In such situations, the joy of learning surpasses the desire to just get it over with.

Before signing up for that class, is there something you can do to make it better? Yes. Because different people learn in different ways, you can determine the type of environment that work best for you. There are at least four dimensions to consider when choosing a training environment.

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Are you the type of person who learns best in a physical face-to-face location, or do you like the convenience of a virtual location over the internet?

Does the opportunity to engage with other students in a group setting energize you, or do you prefer the individualized attention that comes from a one-on-one?

Do you prefer an instructor-led training where you can ask questions and get immediate answers, or do you do best in a self-study environment that works best for your busy schedule?

Finally, do you like the traditional classroom approach where the teacher introduces and demonstrates in the class, and then you get to try it on your own back at the office? Or do you prefer a flipped approach? This approach give you the option to be instructed before class via readings, videos, and instructional exercises, and then enables you in the classroom to ask deeper questions and do the exercises with the help of a knowledgeable mentor.

Because we live in the 21st century you can choose the environment that works best for you and your employees. It is true that going to a physical classroom is currently on the backburner for some time. Even so, that does not need to stop you from getting the fun, engaging, relevant, training your team needs to make a difference.

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