Database Design

Your organization has a lot of data. But to turn data into useful business information requires a lot of work. It requires an understanding of database design principles, the ability to create user friendly input forms, expertise in designing useful reports, and proficiency in constructing data queries. Do you have time for all that?

TechMentors can help. TechMentors provides database consulting services using products like Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Power BI. Together we can use your knowledge of how to run your business with TechMentors expertise in database design and office automation, to develop the powerful but easy to use Windows-based solutions that your organization needs to unlock its potential.

Software Enhancements

Are you a busy entrepreneur, small business owner, or department manager who is frustrated with technology? Do you ever wonder, since the computer has all the data, why it can’t give you the information you need? Do you have great people who can get you the needed information, but it takes hours or days to do so. Or, have you approached IT about creating an automated solution, only to have them say that it is too not worth their time?

TechMentors helps small businesses get more out of technology by creating automated solutions using existing programs like Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Access. For example, we helped a local utility company streamline their reporting process. They used to spend hours each week copying and pasting data from Excel into multiple reports. Now they just click a button, and in less than a minute the reports are ready.

Computer Training

You and your employees need to be as productive as you can to make it in today’s competitive market. To become productive, people need knowledge and skill. In the past gaining knowledge was limited to reading a book or going to a class. Skill was gained through practice. Both took lots of time and included examples and exercises that had nothing to do with your business.

What if there were a better way? What if the instructor was a skilled mentor who first learned about your business and then created written lessons and exercises that applied directly to your business? What if the courseware was a searchable PDF file? What if the teaching was recorded for later review? And what if, after the instruction, the mentor periodically met with your people and followed up on their progress? Would that make a difference?

TechMentors helps businesses make a difference. To make your team knowledgeable, skilled, and productive we use the generic courses listed below to create custom curriculum that will meet your needs. It can include your real-world examples, one-on-one or group training via Zoom, customized practice exercises, and follow up.